The Delter Coffee Press Home Brew Starter Pack / Save €18.45

The Delter Coffee Press home brew kit will be your new go to in home or office coffee preparation, perfect for the single cup of Cloud Picker Coffee on the go! It’s new design ushers in a new wave of performance in a similar vein to the Aeropress, the Delter Press is going to change the way you view making coffee.

Included in this awesome kit is everything you need to start making cafe quality coffee today. SAVE €18.45 by purchasing this bundle. 

  • Hario Scales
  • Delter Press
  • Hario Mini Slim Grinder
  • 250g of our headline blend SAM or HENRY
  • Cloud Picker Stirrer 
  • Cloud Picker drawstring bag 

To help you on your way, here is a recipe we would use day to day. Try this one out for size and adjust the grams of coffee to match your perfection. Our simple Delter Coffee Press Instructions are:

  1. Take 12-15g of finely ground coffee, about similar to Aeropress grind size, or finer than for V60.
  2. Unscrew Delter Cap. Place ground coffee in Delter body whilst upside, not in the cap. 
  3. Place a filter paper in cap and rinse. Screw the cap onto Delter Press and turn right way up.
  4. Fill with hot water to top fill line. Place rubber cap in place. Lift plunger up till above water. 
  5. Press down about 1-2cm and wait 10 seconds while coffee saturates
  6. Slowly press down till bottom, lift plunger and repeat until the water is gone.

Have a play and most importantly... have fun! 

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