Santa Cruz | Costa Rica

Poached Plum | Agave | Chocolate Raisin

Altitude | 1400-1600 MASL

Process | Washed

Variety | Caturra


Communidad Santa Cruz is one of a number of micro-regions located near the Palmichal micro-mill in Tarrazu. Producers from the different regions are able to use this mill on different weekdays which ensures regional traceability.

The Palmichal mill was set up by 30 farmers during the 2015/2016 harvest and its aim is to serve regional smallholders by offering a variety of processing and drying methods. This flexibility ensures that the farmers have a platform to attract importers and roasters seeking the highest quality.

On arrival to the mill, the cherries are sorted for quality, first in a flotation tank and secondly by screen during depulping. The beans are then left to dry on patios for 12 days and moved every hour for consistent drying. This bears out in the outstanding cleanliness of this coffee, the main reason we knew it would be perfect for Cloud Picker!

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