Nigatu Wesy Natural | Ethiopia

Raspberry | Pomegranate | Rum & Raisin

Altitude | 1600 MASL

Process | Natural

Variety | Mixed heirloom, Kurume, Wolisho, Dega


Nigatu Wesy is the name of the farmer behind this distinctive natural Yirgacheffe. Nigatu's farm is in Mokonisa, a region of Yirgacheffe that produces a high number of outstanding coffees. This lot is no exception - it's graded G1 (the highest grade), and has fantastic ripe fruits and delicate florals, and is very clean and juicy for a natural coffee.

Nigatu dries his coffee at the farm on self-constructed drying beds, for around 12 to 14 days. He then brings the coffee to the Ayele Degu mill at Wonago to be milled and prepared for export. Coffee is a crucial part of his income, but he also grows a variety of fruit, and false banana trees to provide shade for the coffee and food for his family.

Nigatu grows a mixture of regional landraces that are typically labelled as 'mixed heirloom'. However, the increased transparency in coffee from Ethiopia in the last two years means we are starting to know a bit more about which specific varieties are being grown at each farm. Kurume, Wolisho, and Dega are regional landraces commonly grown in this region.

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