Finca La Senda | Guatemala

Honey | Nectarine | Hazelnut


Altitude | 1550 - 1970 MASL

Process | Washed

Variety | Caturra, Bourbon


This is a classic high altitude Guatemalan with juicy, ripe stone fruit and rich sweet hazelnut flavours. The smooth body and sweetness of this coffee means it makes excellent espresso, but it has the brightness and clarity to shine as filter coffee too.

Finca La Senda lies in the mountainous Acatenango region of Guatemala. A 27-hectare portion of the farm has been planted with coffee for over 70 years, and for many decades had been delivering cherry to a local co-operative. However, just last year the current owner, Arnoldo Pérez Melendez, built his own wet mill, which allows him to keep his top lots separate and process them himself. In the first year of operation Arnoldo is already applying best practices in processing including rigorous cherry selection, extended and controlled fermentations, and shade drying.

The farm enjoys ideal conditions for growing speciality coffee. The lush volcanic soil and good altitude in the region means many nearby farms have been successful in Guatemala's competitive Cup of Excellence. These growing conditions, together with the renewed attention to processing, means Finca La Senda's mill is already producing some outstanding coffees such as this in its first year of operation and has very exciting potential for the future.

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