'SALE' DECAF - Excelso - 25% Off | Colombia | Swiss Water (Chemical Free)

We have some pre COVID-19 stock. Roast date 02.03. Please use the code 'SALE' on checkout to receive 25% off your coffee. 

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Brown Sugar | Brazil Nut | Marmalade


Altitude | 1400 MASL

Process | Swiss Water
Variety | Caturra, Typica
Our latest in a series of Colombian decaf coffees is our first in years to avail of the famous Swiss Water Process - a benchmark in quality and clarity of flavour as well as the leading chemical-free decaf process.

The Swiss Water Process first involves the production of Green Coffee Extract (GCE) which is created using a batch of coffee beans soaked in water. After the water removes the caffeine as well as other flavour compounds, the beans are disposed of and this liquid is filtered to remove the caffeine. A batch of coffee can now be soaked in this GCE and because of the flavour compounds already in this liquid, the beans will retain these compounds while releasing their caffeine.

Before decaffeination, the beans are sorted by flotation, pulped and then left in fermentation tanks for 8-14 hours. After drying, the parchment is removed before export.


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