Capim Seco | Brazil

Roasted Chestnuts | Caramel | Peanut Butter

Altitude | 1280 MASL

Process | Natural 

Variety | Yellow Bourbon


Fazenda Capim Seco is a small farm by Brazilian standards at 35 hectares and is owned by Rafael Dias Pereira, a third generation coffee farmer whose grandparents Isidro and Nazareth Pereira were among the first to farm coffee in the region.

In the past, we have roasted coffee for our blends from a neighbouring farm, Irmãs Pereira, and this farm is owned by Rafael's mother and aunt. Rafael previously bred horses and invested the profits into Fazenda Capim Seco which enjoyed its first harvest in 2007.

Rafael uses the equipment at Irmãs Pereira to process his coffee. He dries the cherries on raised beds and patios and produces pulped naturals and naturals, as well as experimenting with processes less traditional to Brazil like Black Honey.


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