SCAE Certification: Intermediate

Note: this price is for certification only. The class relating to this certification must be booked separately.

If you are taking one of our intermediate level SCAE classes and would like to take the formal qualification as part of the class, you can pre-pay for that here.

A discounted price is available for SCAE members - for information about SCAE membership click here.

If you have paid for certification but fail the exam, it's possible to arrange a re-take right away, so you can book with confidence. In the event that you're unable to complete the course for any reason, this fee is refundable. 

More about the SCAE Coffee Diploma System (CDS)

The Coffee Diploma System is an internationally recognised system of professional qualifications for Specialty Coffee. Each module within the CDS is a qualification in its own right, with courses at Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional levels.

Each course also contributes a number of points towards a Diploma, which is an additional qualification awarded once 100 points have been earned. For more information, see the Education page on the SCAE website.


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