IAC 2014

So, Cloud Picker was one of the sponsors for the 2014 Irish Aeropress Competition! And what an event is was too. A big thanks to Lorcan O'Fagan for being 'the bestest' organiser! Well done Monika who was overall winner. Off to Rimini you go! Check out her recipe below.

Monika’s Winning Brew Recipe - 2014 Irish Aeropress Championship

15G of Konga Co-op freshly & finely ground (just a little coarser than espresso) 
240ML of H2o at approx 94 deg C 
Total brew time 60 seconds

1) Pour hot H2o down inner wall of AP to ensure complete saturation & maximise turbulence 
2) Stir fully only once 
3) Begin plunge with 20 seconds remaining
4) Cease plunge when you hear the hiss of air
5) Decant into appropriate drinking vessel & let rest for a minute or two
6) Enjoy!



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